Hiring a Wedding Planner

wedding planner kevin lee

Wedding planners have become very important to brides. Whether you choose to hire a professional wedding planner or ask a family member to take care of planning, it will take a lot of the responsibilities off of your shoulders. A good wedding planner does not have to be expensive. Depending on the type of wedding […]

Themed Weddings

A wedding is an important and happy time for a woman. Most little girls know what kind of wedding they will want before they even understand how much it is going to cost their parents. Weddings usually have a theme that the wedding planner will work with.  On the day, the guests should understand why […]

The Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have taken on larger than life personalities.  Gone are the days when you got a basic white cake with pink and yellow flowers with beads and satin.  A good wedding cake does not have to be expensive but it should represent the couple in some way. The biggest thing is how much you […]