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Monday, March 24, 2014

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

So – you’re all excited about being a part of the wedding party but just found out you’re expecting. Congratulations!!!  You don’t have to drop out of the wedding party though.  There was a time when dress options for expecting bridesmaids were limited at best.  Having a perfectly matched dress could be time consuming and expensive.  Popular styles of bridesmaids’ dresses with maternity options were few and far between.  A bridesmaid determined not to relinquish her spot in the bridal party would often be left with costly tailoring as the only option.  She would have to order the same style dress as the other ladies in the wedding party but then pay to have it tailored and hope that her baby bump wouldn’t be bigger than anticipated on the day of the wedding.  Thankfully times and options have changed.

An expecting bridesmaid will most likely have her hands full; one thing she shouldn’t have to worry about is the look of her bridesmaid dress. While alterations are still an option, that is not your only choice.  Many of today’s bridal fashion designers are doing a great job keeping up with the demand for maternity bridesmaid dresses.  They come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.  As a matter of fact lots of maternity bridesmaid dresses are designed to perfectly coordinate with the missy cut of the same style.  Pregnant bridesmaids can have the same modern, gorgeous look as everyone else in the wedding party.  This enables the bride to have all of her attendants perfectly matched, which is a beautiful thing.

The best thing about purchasing a maternity bridesmaid dress over purchasing a missy cut and having it altered is the guess work is eliminated.  Just like designers of other maternity garments, the stylists who create maternity bridesmaids dresses have done their homework on the expecting female form.  The majority of the time your pre-pregnancy size is your maternity size.  For example, if you were a size 12 the day you found out you were expecting, your maternity size should be 12. The dressmakers have already taken the time to figure out how much fabric and what dimension will be needed to adorn your blossoming baby to be.  And they all shopped happily ever after.

Monday, February 17, 2014


When it comes to bridesmaids no two bodies are exactly alike.  Each woman’s shape is as varied and unique as her personality.  So how can several women with different curves look equally amazing in the same dress?  The answer is simple, shapewear.  Before you cringe thinking of your granny’s girdle, or worse yet someone’s foot on your back as they lace up a Victorian corset, you should know that long gone are the days when you have to choose between looking your best and feeling your best.  There are lots of shapewear options available that will enable you to do both.

The key to purchasing the right shapewear is to know your size.  Shapewear that is too tight is no good.  It is supposed to make your body look its best, not cut off your air supply.  A bridesmaid needs to be on her A-game.  She can’t do that if her shaper is making her dizzy.  Also, it will be really hard to smile for the camera, enjoy all that delicious food and dance the night away if you feel like two pounds of bologna crammed into a one pound bag.  Shapewear shouldn’t be loose or baggy either.  All you will be doing is adding a layer of clothing that serves no purpose.  If you aren’t sure of your size, make the time to go have yourself measured.  This will ensure the best fit.  There are plenty of retailers who are ready, willing and able to take your measurements.  You could do it on your own or go with the other women in the wedding party and make a day of it.

The other thing you need to do is decide what it is you are trying to achieve.  Maybe you want to smooth and flatten one area.  Or maybe you want to lift another.  Camisoles and Body Briefers are excellent choices for women who want to control the tummy area.  They are also great for women who are looking to smooth out the back and/or love handles.  There are slips and thigh slimmers for women who want to instantly give hips and thighs a toned look.  Depending on the cut and fabric of your dress you may want to opt for something seamless to make sure no one knows you’re wearing shapewear.  You also have options for how much or how little control your shapewear to has.  Remember, with all of the choices on the market a woman can achieve the look she wants without any pain or discomfort.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Role of a Junior Bridesmaid

Sometimes what happens when you are choosing your bridal party, is you will have a younger girl in your family who you want to participate in your wedding. Is she just a little too old to fulfill the role of a flower girl? Well, you can still include her in your bridal party by asking her to be a junior bridesmaid. This role is typically for girls between the ages of nine and fourteen years old. She will feel special and excited to help you celebrate the most special day in your life.  So what exactly is the role of a junior bridesmaid?  While you won’t except for your junior bridesmaid to throw your bridal shower, she can help out. She can be involved by getting together with the other bridesmaids as they brainstorm and plan your bridal shower. It will make her feel important to give her a job like helping to make the favors for the bridal shower or helping to set up for the shower.  You could make your junior bridesmaid feel involved by asking her to go wedding dress shopping with you and the other bridesmaids. However, when it comes to the bridesmaids dresses, the junior bridesmaid dress should be in the same color or similar style. Remember, there is a reason you made her a junior bridesmaid and not a regular bridesmaid so don’t dress her like an adult because she isn’t one. Your junior bridesmaid will need to attend the ceremony rehearsal and dinner rehearsal. Other ways that you could involve your junior bridesmaid is by asking her to help seat the guests with the ushers at the wedding or handing out programs, bubbles or confetti for the send off.  Of course, you will have your junior bridesmaid walk down the aisle and stand at the altar with the rest of your bridal party. With all these things that your junior bridesmaid can do, she will be a real life saver. She will feel proud that she could be involved in creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Your engagement has been announced to all your friends and family. The bridal party has been selected from your closest friends and family.  As the wedding day approaches, you start to think about getting your bridesmaids the perfect gift. The reason that you should get your bridesmaids a gift is to show how much you truly appreciate their help in your wedding. Even though your bridesmaids are friends and family who would be willing to help out anyway, it is nice to acknowledge all the work that they have done to make your wedding happen.

Plus, you should also remember the cost your bridesmaids will have from the dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup for the wedding day itself. Your bridesmaids will be the ones to give you a bridal shower and bachelorette party which is another expense to them. Most bridesmaids help out with about 50% of the things that have to be done for the wedding whether it’s mailing out the invitations or making favors.  The amount you and your fiancé will spend out of your wedding budget will be nothing compare to the sanity you have from the help.

What would be the perfect bridesmaid gift though? There is no one answer to this question.  The answer will depend on the bridesmaid themselves. A gift should be something that is unique, affordable and practical.

There are different routes that you can go with the bridesmaid gift. The gift can be something to entertain her, pamper her, wine and dine her or make her something.

Ideas for gifts that entertain your bridesmaids are tickets to musical theater or sporting event, maybe a magazine subscription or the newest best-selling book.  You could take the approach to give her a gift that would pamper her after the stress of your wedding. Why not give her a gift certificate to the spa or nail salon? Maybe buy her silk pajamas or luxurious robe.

Maybe you want to make the gift personal and make her something special. You could make her a scented candle or create a personalized photo album. Create a basket with all of her favorite shower gels, lotions and body sprays.

When it comes to the route of wine and dine her, there are several ways to go. First, you could get her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or wine tasting event. Another option is to give her something she will use, like a picnic basket fill with plates, napkins and cups or an apron with recipes to create different desserts.

When it’s all said and done, the perfect bridesmaid gift will vary from bridesmaid to bridesmaid. So just keep in mind you know your bridesmaids well and a true friend will always value the gift no matter what it is.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Relaxation techniques for a stressed out bride

Once you begin to plan a wedding stress seems to just multiply.  This additional stress is nothing more than nerves in some cases.  Knowing how to handle stress is going to be important in maintaining good balance.  To relax, a bride can spend a relaxing weekend with the groom, or spend the day with her girlfriends. As the wedding day gets closer, enjoy a day at the spa.
Taking time to relax with each other is one of the ways a bride can soothe her nerves.  Grooms are not traditionally worriers when it comes to their wedding.  The lack of worry does not mean that they are not interested; they just approach it differently.  This time can be taken to bring them closer together and they have an opportunity to really take a look at their relationship and discuss what their expectations are.  A good heart to heart talk is always good. 
Shopping with girlfriends is a fabulous way to spend the day.  The comfort that comes from being in the company of persons who know and love you is priceless.  If there are things needed for the bride’s new home, this is a good time to purchase them.  She will benefit from the input of close friends who know her and will give her their honest opinions.  After spending the day shopping you can all sit down to a good meal and watch the people go by.  During this shopping trip, the bride can also use the time to check on her gift registry to see how things are going.  If she prefers not to go shopping, she can remain at home with them and work on favors for the wedding.
A sure way to relax is to spend a day at the spa.  As the wedding day draws near, the stress level certainly goes up.  The spa offers a bride relaxing massages and facials to soothe her nerves.  The treatments are designed to deliver maximum relaxation while almost lulling you to sleep.  The bride can enjoy a pedicure and manicure while she is there and end the day with whichever treatment she wishes to have.  Some of the treatments available are hot stone massages, seaweed wrap, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and a mud bath. When you put on your wedding dress you will be glowing and radiant.
It has never been easy to plan a wedding.  Even with the best wedding planner and an endless budget, stress creeps in. It is a natural process that must be controlled.  Luckily, there are many ways to capitalize on all the relaxation techniques that are out there.  You may not realize it, but stress has a way of getting out of control if it is not managed properly.   No one wants to be stressed on their wedding day.  It is one of the happiest days of a woman’s life and it should be filled with wonderful memories that stay with you for a lifetime.


How to make your wedding look expensive without spending an arm and a leg.

All weddings have the potential to truly impress your guests.  From the food you serve, to the decorations and wedding colors, it can be an experience that they will never forget.  To make your wedding look expensive, you must spend your money wisely, always finding alternatives to must have choices and using lighting and plants to your advantage.
First, you must know when to spend top dollar for a particular item.  If you do your research you will find that there are different prices depending on where you order the flowers, for example.  The distance that they need to travel to get to you is often a factor, so choose locally  Big ticket items like the cake and wedding dress need to be carefully selected since they will probably be photographed the most - however, have an open mind when spending and remember that nothing is written in stone.  Floral arrangements tend to be expensive.  Look around for locally grown flowers in your environment and incorporate them with the more costly pieces.  The mix will look interesting and most of all, unique.
Another way to make your wedding look expensive is to find alternatives to things that you feel you just cannot do without.   It is ok to really love a particular item -it is just wise to pick an alternative just in case it cannot be bought in time.  So, the silk tablecloths that must be dyed to the perfect shade can be placed alongside another item just as beautiful but not as costly.  If your wedding is in the evening, then guests will not be seeing too much of the tablecloths anyway. 
Next, you can use lighting to your advantage.  Weddings in the evening are beautiful to behold when the decorator has used different types of lighting in the space.  The general lighting for the room does not have to be harsh.  If the cocktail hour will end just as the sun is setting, then the general lighting can be in place as the guests are being seated.  Once they are comfortable, the centerpieces can be used to light each individual table.  This gives a romantic and cozy feeling to the space.  Further, using a combination of candles floating in water and paper lanterns can set the perfect atmosphere in the room. 
People may not think that plants can be used extensively in wedding decorations, but it is left to the decorator to find the best way to use foliage.  They can be draped with pearls, tissue paper or whatever is used that is in the wedding colors.  Nice palms strategically placed will add a nice ambience and help to soften hard corners.  There is so much that can be done with plants if the bride does her homework.  Choosing plants that are seasonal and match the décor will cut down on the budget.  Look for things that are in the environment and free. 
A wedding can look like it cost a fortune if you know how to use what is there in your environment.  Take a lot of time to make good plans and communicate those plans clearly to the wedding planner.  The day will be just as wonderful as you want it if you are prepared.  Do not leave anything for the last minute.  After giving your last set of instructions, go and relax and pamper yourself in preparation for your big day.


The Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes have taken on larger than life personalities.  Gone are the days when you got a basic white cake with pink and yellow flowers with beads and satin.  A good wedding cake does not have to be expensive but it should represent the couple in some way. 

The biggest thing is how much you can afford to spend.  This will determine the kind of cake you will get.  Some bakeries will often have shows to bring their work to customers.  If you are getting married, listen out for bridal shows to see what kinds of cakes are being made.  Sit down with the groom, if he wishes to be a part of it, and decide on the design of the cake.  Some couples end up having a cake made for each of them.  Look at the colors of the wedding and its theme when making a decision.  This makes the day even more special. 

After the design has been worked out, decide on how many tiers you want on the cake.  This is related to how much you are going to spend so be reasonable with your choice.  The tiers can be round, square hexagonal and many other interesting shapes.  It is a good idea to look at cakes with the number of tiers you want in different shapes.  This way, you will see how tall it will be in relation to where it will be placed at reception.  A formal wedding generally has a traditional cake and an informal wedding allows you to be more creative and do something unusual.    This could be petit fours or cupcakes on a revolving, tiered see through stand.  Some cakes have a different shape for each tier.  It is a whimsical look that goes well with an informal wedding reception. 

The person whom you choose to bake the cake needs to be given ample time to do the job.  Baking the cake is not time consuming; it is the small attention to detail when decorating that takes up their time.  Your accessories should not be too gaudy or simple. They should fit the cake just right.  Decide whether you want just flowers or flowers along with edible beads and lace.  The entire cake should be edible, but sometimes, the accessories chosen are too delicate to be made and transported.  If this is the case, as in small balls made of blown sugar, have as little of them as possible that will give a good effect.  However, be careful with how many inedible pieces are on the cake.  Set a date to go for a taste of the cake. You need to know beforehand how the cake will taste in order to prevent problems. A delicious sounding flavor may end up being not flavored enough for you or have too much of it. Take the time to go through all of the options available, and if necessary ask for other options. Be creative and mix up the flavors of the frosting or filling. You do not have to stick to one flavor throughout the cake. Ask the bakers for input on how best to incorporate your ideas with their samples.

An important decision is whether or not to have something on top of the cake. Some wedding planners prefer not to use them but if you choose one, make sure it goes with the theme of the wedding. Lastly, look out for guests who have food allergies or medical conditions like diabetes. Make a special cake for them that resemble the main cake so that they will not be left out. Your cake is the star of the reception so take the time to make it shine.